Saturday, 29 December 2012

Reminiscing about Greece and food

I was in Greece a few months ago.  At this moment, it feels like I never left Montreal but traces of Greece are in my pantry and freezer: pastelia, mizithra, "thyme blossom" honey and even whole wheat bread.  I wish I could have brought back more items because everything in Greece is just much more tastier!

For two weeks, my children and I stayed at my parent's place in Pylos.  Their home is situated on the beautiful hill of Pylos with a breathtaking view of Navarino Bay. Unlike any other trip, I spent a lot of time reminiscing the past probably because my son is at an age where I can share my childhood stories and especially all memories of my grand-parents.  So I took advantage of his tender years to reminisce because before I know it, he won't want to hear my stories over and over again!
Every evening, while admiring the sunset from our balcony, I would pinpoint a location in Pylos and start sharing memories such as how my grand-mother used to dry the hilopites and trahana on her rooftop and my sister and I would climb the ladder and go taste them; how my grand-father was a handyman and I caught him painting a facade of a house while his ladder was in the middle of a narrow and busy street and made me worry about him; how my giagia Karalina used to invite us over every morning for tiganopsomo (fried bread) with mizithra in her tiny little house. 
Speaking of "tiganopsomo", let me share this simple recipe: just simply open with a rolling pin a small piece of your favorite yeast dough and fry it in olive oil.  Sprinkle mizithra (type of Greek parmesan) on top and serve with any dip such as tzatziki, hummus, tyrokafteri or melitzanosalata.
Remember that a recipe always tastes better when shared with loved ones!