Sunday, 18 March 2012

Family food adventures

My first blog!  At this point, it feels like I am talking to myself since there is probably noone out there reading this.  My name is Anthi and I am passionate about food!  Why blog about it one might ask?  Because I want to keep a journal of my "food adventures".  By "food adventures" I mean, meals that I create, restaurants/coffee shops that I discover, recipes that I revisit, and always sharing these adventures with my beautiful family.

Why did I choose the name Olive Citron Oregano?  These ingredients are cooking staples of mediterranean cuisine (olive is for olive oil).  I am of Greek origin and I grew up eating these three ingredients on practically everything.  The only olive oil that I am familiar with is the one that comes from my grand-father's orchard in Pylos, Greece.  My grand-father planted each and every olive tree with his own hands.  He is no longer with us but every golden drop reminds me of him on a daily basis.

Welcome to "Olive Citron Oregano"!  Please join me in my "food adventures"!

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