Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunday coffee

After a long week, my husband and I always look forward to our Sunday coffee.  After breakfast, we prepare the kids and off we go to our favorite cafes in the city.  More and more coffeeshops are opening up in Montreal. Some of these java houses are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye but a sip of their coffee makes you forget about the decor and come back for more.  Another beauty about these locations is that they are family oriented and our kids make friends while we enjoy our espresso macchiato.

Last weekend, we visited one of my favorites: Café Névé.  The single snowflake in its logo may remind us of cold weather but the scent of fresh coffee as you enter the shop just warms up your heart.  "Two medium lattees and a chocolate chip cookie" my husband orders.  Only one cookie you might ask but just by looking at the selection, you can see how decadent it would be to have one all to yourself.  There are plenty of scrumptious items on the menu however, on this particular Sunday we just wanted to sit by the sunshine at the window and enjoy the frothy caffeine while our son twirled around in the high stool.

Café Névé
151 Rue Rachel Est Montreal, QC H2W
(514) 903-9294


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